5-166 Toryork Drive
Toronto, ON, M9L 1X6

HST# 723174538 RT0001

Invoice Number INV-4022
Invoice Date March 1, 2024
Due Date March 31, 2024
Total Due $2,463.40
Fitzrovia Real Estate
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Custom Glass Display

4 sided glass displays 36" wide, 12-14" tall, 22" deep with one shelf.
Sliding Glass Doors with satin anodized hardware.
Extra Clear Low Iron Glass (without the green shade)

Fabrication, delivery, installation:
Please note that sliding doors are not designed to seal the space. There is about 1/2" gap between the doors. And smaller gaps around them.

Deposit 50% $1231.70
Balance 50% $1231.70

Fabrication - 2-4 weeks after deposit payment received.

Sub Total $2,180.00
HST $283.40
Total Due $2,463.40