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Toronto, ON, M9L 1X6

HST# 723174538 RT0001

Invoice Number INV-2802
Order Number 15-04654FR
Invoice Date March 23, 2022
Due Date March 23, 2022
Total Due $9,536.52
Ladson Creative Millworks

2036 Allanport Rd, Allanburg, ON, L0S 1A0

Deposit 30% Reference PO # 15-04654FR, March 23, 2022


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Supply, deliver and install 5mm clear mirrors

with polished edges and necessary notching
for bar supports as per shop drawings viewed
March 11th with 37 panels
Bottom (possibly top as well) aluminum
J-trim with 5/16" visible edge. (Satin
Anodized Finish)
(possible revisions to remove some mirror
cut-outs and add a few more mirror panels
can be discussed during final site measures)

Sub Total $8,439.40
HST $1,097.12
Total Due $9,536.52