5-166 Toryork Drive
Toronto, ON, M9L 1X6

HST# 723174538 RT0001

Invoice Number INV-2762
Invoice Date July 6, 2021
Due Date July 7, 2021
Total Due $3,279.26
Grape Suites Inc./Lien Tran

79 Harbord Street,Toronto, ON M5S 1G4
P: 416-829-7198
F: 647-722-3672

Custom mirrors, Grey mirror base layer will create 3" frame, Silver mirror will be attached on top of grey mirror as a top layer.
Total 6 mirrors with following overall dimension:
72x32, 56x32, 38x32, 36x32, 32x32, 28x32
Corner protectors will be attached. No shipping or crating is included. Customer pickup.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Custom mirrors
6 Z-clip mounting bracket attached to every mirror
1 3/4" thick particle board backing, 6" smaller than overall dimensions of each mirror $250.00$250.00
Sub Total $2,902.00
HST $377.26
Total Due $3,279.26