Custom Metal Fabrication Toronto

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Custom Metal Fabrication Toronto

In many of our own projects we had a need for some custom fabricated metal components to complete our glass installations. As we saw more and more needs for metalwork, we finally decided to start out own production of welded metal components. When we fabricate metal parts by our own craftsman we do not depend on availability and schedule of other trades.

Main focus of out metal fabrication shop is interior welded steel and glass doors. They also called a loft style glass partitions. These partitions are available with a swing doors, pivoting doors or sliding doors.

Huge benefit of a welded steel doors and partitions is maximum customization options. We can use as thick or thin metal elements available.  Contrary, aluminum solutions are only available with a very few standard elements.

Metal Stairs and railings are also very popular for a modern houses. With our ability to process and weld regular and stainless steel, we are available to take your next project.

Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to custom fabrication of metal stairs, railings, doors or steel partitions.

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