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Glass Doors for Cabinets and Showcases

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass Cabinet Doors

We get more and more requests for glass doors that customers are installing inside different type of regular cabinets. We keep variety of glass types for cabinet doors, starting from regular clear glass for basic economical solution.

Picture on the left is showing a wall mounted cabinet with two glass doors. Doors are fabricated from extra clear low iron glass. We have installed pivot hinges in polished chrome finishing and locks.

Glass doors open up your cabinetry, but protect valuable content in retail locations. Glass doors installed in wall mounted cabinets have locking mechanism and swing open on a pair of pivot hinges.

Another type of door available for cabinetry are sliding glass doors. Usually it is a pair of glass doors installed at the front of the cabinet. They are available with or without lock.

Cabinet above is very long and we have installed 5 sliding glass doors with four locks. By resetting a top track inside of the cabinet top we have minimized exposed hardware.

There are multiple glass options for your cabinet doors. You can always upgrade for extra clear low iron glass. Very elegant option for cabinet door is colored glass. We keep in stock grey, bronze and black glass.

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