Dimensional Mirrors - Custom Mirror Design and Fabrication

Dimensional Mirrors

Dimensional Mirrors Designed and Fabricated by Conform Glass create unique visual effects achieved by positioning panels of mirror on different angle according to each other.

We designed this mirrors with four equal panels, each of them is set on 5 degree angle relative to the wall surface. Reflection of each panel is unique and changes with your position according to the mirror. Angled mirror panels are secured to decorative particle board that available in different finishes. 

We supply smaller size mirrors as fully assembled units ready to hang on the wall. For larger size units we supply each individual panel separately and they are mounted together on premises.

For mounting we use extruded aluminum z-clip that provides secure fastening to the wall without exposed fastening components.

Dimensional Mirrors

Dimensions Mirrors is custom made to your specifications with following optional features:

Designed and manufactured in Canada.
Limited time offer: $449 including delivery and installation in Toronto and area. (regular $599) for base model (24″ x 48″)

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