Collectible Display Case, Custom Glass Displays

Display Coffee Table with LED Light

Collectible Display Cases

We have built numerous displays for hobbyists. Whatever your collection is – we have a solution. Usually customers with large collections of collectible items require a lot of shelving space.

To install maximum number  of glass shelves and to showcase a lot of articles at a glance, we have designed a wall mounted showcase. Please take a look on the left picture of corner version of collectible display cabinet. This frameless glass displays has 9 glass shelves and full size glass doors.

Right image we have received from the customer after we completed the installation. Customer had placed inside about 40 car models. Mirrored backing inside the cabinet expands the way how collection looks.

Here is another project completed along with Closet Solutions Manufacturing. We have designed a large coffee table with two slide out drawers.  This coffee table with a frameless glass display case is protecting a collection of Star Wars items.

Collectible Display Case is integrated into the coffee table. There are two slide out drawers for underneath storage and large area to display your collection.

With our expertise we can design and fabricate a glass display case for your collection exactly how you need it. We have a cabinet mounted on the wall. We can create a free standing or table top display for your precious items.

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