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Welded Steel Sliding Door Partition with Frosted Glas

Welded Steel Sliding Door

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Welded Steel Sliding Door Partitions with Frosted Glass

Steel Welded Partitions and Room Dividers are also called Loft Style Partitions becoming more and more popular in the recent years as a lot of home owners are gearing toward open space concepts. Loft Style Partitions are available with swing doors, pivot doors or even steel sliding doors. There are variety of glass options, including clear or frosted glass, as well as different textured glass that we usually  keep in stock and can install inside of the metal frames.

One of our customer was looking for a room divider to split a space in his condo apartment to separate dining area from living room. The main idea behind this was to create some private space for visiting family member when they stay overnight.

We have designed and fabricated a room divider with welded steel sliding doors set. When sliding doors are open, dining and living room are seamlessly connected. But when welded steel sliding doors are closed, frosted glass creates privacy for guests staying over.

Loft style metal and glass partitions have not only esthetically pleasing look by also allow to save time and money when we compare with traditional methods of constructing a room deviders.

Fabrication and installation of a Welded Metal Room Dividers are done by the same trade and in most cases installation takes not more than a day. If you decide to build a traditional room divider with wooden swing or sliding doors, you will need multiple trades to work on your project, like framers, drywall installers and tapers, and on top of it you will need a finish carpenter to install doors and trims and the painter to paint drywall and trim work.

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