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Custom Sandblasted Mirror Design

Custom Sandblasted Mirror Design . Sandblasting is the process of etching the glass surface to turn it from clear glossy to milky white. With development of the digital technologies we are able to create sandblasted patterns with any complexity. Starting from simple lines or borders to complicated graphics.

LED lighting becomes more and more popular recently for vanity mirrors. You have an options to choose closed LED light to lit sandblasted pattern only, or you can choose LED light to lit both: sandblasted pattern and surroundings around the mirror for ambient light. LED lighting can also be used for regular floating mirrors for ambient light.

On below images you can see few different designs options for mirror sandblasting. First mirror is combination of sandblasted patter on the front face and black color painted border from the back side.

Next two images show Greek border pattern sandblasted from the back of the mirror, LED back lit for pattern and ambient lighting.

Last two images are custom sandblasted mirror design on the front of the grey mirror that is installed to cover the empty space in the frame above the wine fridge.


Custom Sandblasted Mirrors

Mirrors are available with following sandblast options:

Designed and manufactured in Canada.
Price for sandblasted mirrors depends on the size of the mirror, as well as based on complexity of the pattern.

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