V-Groove Mirrors - Custom Mirror Design and Fabrication

V-Groove Mirrors

V-groove mirrors custom designed and fabricated by Conform Glass can be a nice addition to your decor. 

Custom V-Groove Mirrors


V-grooving is the process of cutting a line in a shape of a letter V on the glass or mirror surface. V-groove cutting is done with the help of CNC router. This creates very elegant and sharp decorative pattern on the surface of the glass or mirror.

 V-Groove can be cut in virtually any shape, from simple straight lines to complex decorative patterns. V-Groove decoration options a virtually unlimited.

conform glass is your choice for custom mirrors. We cut and process custom mirrors starting from simple rectangular mirror shapes for exact fit. There are unlimited design options for customization. We can strip mirror surface from the back side of the mirror. We can custom paint stripped areas in custom color. Complex multi color designs can be digitally printed on the mirror surface. Sandblasted patterns of any complexity can be etched on the front of back side of the mirror.

Cuistom V-groove mirror

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