Loft Style Glass and Metal Door

Custom Interior Glass Doors with Steel Welded Frame

Custom Steel Interior Doors at it’s Best.

When it comes to fabrication of interior glass doors with welded metal frames, you have unlimited options for customization. We can customize virtually any element or part of the door. We use clear glass as a standard option, and we are able to incorporate virtually any glass available on the market.

Doors with a welded steel frames becoming more and more popular among designers and home owners recently. We build our steel and glass doors from scratch, so you can choose how wide or narrow the frame can be, how thin or thick will be grid lines.

We can build our door with multiple for your retrofit project, when you want to keep your existing frame and just replace your ugly old door. We can make a fully custom welded handle, or we can add a box and you can install a standard handle or a lock.

Grid pattern for your steel welded door is also fully customizable. As you see on this page we have installed a single door and a double french door for the customer’s house with matching grill pattern.

Conform Glass is your reliable custom metal and glass fabricator. We will bring your ideas into a reality. It is as simple as sending us the inspiration image and dimensions of the door that you need. We will take care of the rest.

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