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Custom LED Mirror Close Up

Custom Made LED Mirrors

Mirrors with LED pattern

Custom LED Mirror Fabrication by Conform Glass is never a boring. When customers comes to us with their vision – we bring it to live. It could be as simple as rectangular mirror with ambient LED light or as a custom shape mirror with light going from the mirror surface.

The general contractor hired us to fabricate and install two large custom LED Mirrors for a house in the High Park area. The house was undergoing extensive renovation and we were one of the last trades to finish our part of the work.

We have measured the space perfectly, mirror has even space all around and it looks amazing. 2 inch wide sandblasted line create allow LED light to shine from behind the mirrored surface.

Another large rectangular shape LED mirror with the similar border LED pattern was installed in another bathroom in the same house.

Conform Glass is your reliable mirror fabricator. If you need something simple or complicated, we will bring your ideas into a reality. It is as simple as sending us the inspiration image and approximate dimensions of the mirror that you need. We will take care of the rest.

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