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Custom Made Glass Tables

Custom Made Glass Tables designed and produced by Conform Glass are unique and made to satisfy sophisticated taste of modern customers. This modern coffee table designed by Conform glass is custom made to customer specification to fit the space. Table consist of two overlapping glass parts with legs on short sides of the table. Both pieces are attached to each other by 2 stainless steel cylinders (stand-offs). This combination creates a unique balance of air, glass and metal. By using only two metal cylinders to connect glass parts together, we create an illusion of floating effect for both – glass table top and shelve.

Custom Made Glass Tables

This Custom Made Glass Coffee Table is custom build with many available options:

Designed and manufactured in Canada.
Prices start from $1499

Custom Made Glass Tables are amazing design features that can fit any style of the house. Coffee Tables, Console Tables, Side Tables Office Desks and more… Design options for glass tables are truly unlimited. To add an extra touch to all glass furniture – we can add elements from different materials. In the above table we have used metal cylinders to connect glass pieces together and to add strength and structural stability. By using stainless steel stand offs we are able to take this coffee table apart and have it ready for shipping or moving in virtually no time. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea of your perfect glass furniture piece, but don’t see it here. We will work with you to bring this idea into reality.

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