All Glass Storefront Shelves

Glass Storefront Shelves for Retail Store

Custom design and fabricatoion of All Glass Storefront Shelves, Displays and Cabinets is out specialty.

On request of one of out customers we have designed, produced and installed all glass shelving system for his storefront window. The choice of glass for this application was clear as customer wanted to display products close to the front window so bypassing public could see them, wanted to keep shelves less visible and not to block the day light coming to the store.

We have created a four level glass shelve system along whole front window. Glass legs for shelves are bonded to the shelves with clear transparent UV adhesive. There is no visible hardware used in construction of this display. As you can see from below pictures, each shelve has glass legs attached under different angle.

This beautiful all glass retail window display is virtually invisible from the street, do not block day light and products are positioned right behind the glass of the store front window.

With our expertise in glass UV bonding, we create amazing glass shelves, cabinets, displays and furniture for any application.

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With our expertise in glass processing and bonding with UV adhesive we produce custom glass shelves, displays, cabinets and furniture for specific customer needs.

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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