Glass Console Table Toronto - Custom Fabrication and Design

Custom Made Glass Console Tables

Glass Console Table is unique and elegant furniture piece that can become a part of your house entrance. This Console Table is made from 10 mm (3/8″) thick safety tempered clear glass. Glass panes are polished and attached to each other using UV Glass Bonding process. Our technicians are certified by BOHLE. Bohle is a world leader in UV Bonding Technology.

Glass Console Tables Design and Fabrication

Glass Consoles are custom made with many options:

Designed and manufactured in Canada. Prices start from $1199

Glass furniture is used in retail and commercial applications for years. It is difficult to imagine any store nowadays without glass cabinets, shelves or displays. In recent years we see more and more demand for custom glass work from residential customers and custom home builders. All glass railings and shower enclosures are a must in modern homes. But in there are unlimited number of ways how we can use glass and mirrors today. We are glad to present our glass furniture design and fabrication capabilities to the world.

Conform Glass is unique glass fabricator with ability to design and fabricate custom furniture on customer’s request. Possibilities are unlimited, so please feel free to contact us with your ideas and we will make this unique custom masterpiece for you.

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