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Custom Steel Exterior Gates

Metal Welded Gates

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Steel Gates, Custom Metal Gates Fabrication and Installation

One of our customers was looking for an elegant and modern gates to be installed on the entrance of their property. And our metal fabrication team designed, fabricated and installed the gates at the entrance road of customers lot.

Custom Metal Gates is another product that we have successfully fabricated and installed for one of our customers. Customer wanted to install modern steel gates and the road that leads inside the property. The result is stunning. Minimalistic design with a frame and horizontal tubing welded together creates semi privacy at the entrance of the property. 

Horizontal tubes of the steel gates are meticulously welded together and treated to prevent rust. When welding is done, whole structure is galvanized first and then powder coated into the gun powder color. 

Remote operator and communication device was added later by other trades.

After this metal welded gates would be fully operational and convenient to use.

Our Metal Fabrication division is ready to take on your custom metal project. We are geared towards custom welded projects.

Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to custom fabrication of metal stairs, railings, doors or steel and glass partitions.

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