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Table Top Glass Displays for USA Customer

Large Square Tabletop Showcase

Table Top Glass Displays for USA customer

Table Top Glass Displays fabricated and delivered to the USA. The cabinet make is located in Illinois and the actual project where display cases were installed is located in California.


This project had multiple displays in different shapes. We have fabricated two POS displays with lockable glass doors and glass shelves. Image on the left shows you displays installed on site.

Right image shows large square table top glass display with a side access, where glass panel is integrated into the sliding drawer. This showcase is separated in the middle with glass support that prevents top glass from sagging.

These are two POS showcases with lockable doors and multiple glass shelves. Customer asked us to add extra shelf supports to be able to move shelves up and down if necessary.

Glass UV bonding is our specialty. We fabricate frameless glass displays, showcases and cabinets for retail stores, food industry as well as for private customers. Fabrication of frameless glass products required a lot of technical expertise and precision skills.

There are virtually unlimited options for glass cabinetry fabrication. It is all starts from selection proper thickness of the glass for the project. As a high end option we use extra clear low iron glass. Variety of hinges, locks and related hardware is available to make sure that products you order from Conform Glass are exactly what you need.

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