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Freestanding Glass Display

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Freestanding Glass Display for Swarovski Collection

With our ability to combine variety of materials together into one amazing product, we are able to create stunning glass furniture masterpieces like this freestanding glass display for customer’s Swarovski collection

Base of the cabinet has drawers for storage. And top portion of the cabinet is an actual display with glass walls and glass shelves. Front of the display is closer with a set of double glass sliding doors.

We have integrated strips of LED lights on the bottom and top of the display. In addition to the strips we have added miniature LED spot lights on the top of the cabinet.

Another option to accent your mirror with LED Light is to add sandblasted strips with a backlight

Conform Glass is your reliable custom glass fabricator when you need custom glass displays or showcases. We can easily build for you a single display exactly as you want it. As well as we are capable of fulfilling larger orders.

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