Custom Vanity Mirrors Toronto - Fast Production and Installation

Custom Vanity Mirrors Toronto

Custom vanity mirrors  designed and installed for customer in a contemporary style new built Toronto home. We have used grey and bronze mirror as a back layer. Using colored mirrors as a frame element created seamless border around super faced clear mirror. Both mirrors were cut to match with of the vanity with top sitting just below the light fixture. These mirrors were cut to exact size of the vanity to cover the space from the wall to the edge of the vanity. We have installed them right on the top of the stone back-splash.

Mirrors in bathrooms are usually the last element to be installed, but are very important to complete your project. You are always can find least expensive alternative by buying one of the mirrors from the shelve of the big box store. But if you are looking to finish your bathroom with the mirror that fits perfectly to your bathroom – Conform Glass is here to help. 

As we are a glass fabrication company – we have designed these dial layer mirrors as an elegant alternative to framed mirrors that you can find in stores. By using different color mirror as a frame element – we achieve very clean look without any seams on the frame.

Mirrors are attached to the wall without any exposed fasteners. We use special Extra Grip Mirror Adhesive from Bohle. Bohle is leading european manufacturer of glazing tools and accessories. Company is know for highest quality products for glass and mirror industry. 

Elegant Dual Layer Vanity Mirrors

All our vanity mirrors are custom made with following options:

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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