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Glass Railings Toronto

Glass Railings Toronto installed with stand-offs and Stainless Steel Cap Hand Rail

Glass Railings Toronto installed with stainless steel stand-offs and stainless steel cap rail on top of the glass. Stainless steel stand-offs create clean and modern ”ALL GLASS” look without any posts. Cap rail sits directly on top of the glass with no additional hardware.

Every glass railing installation is unique and requires creative thinking to bring the best possible outcome. On the planning stage of every glass railing project we have to take into consideration not only customers wish list, but also structural details of landings, floors and staircases. By using cylindrical stand off hardware we can maximize usable floor area and keep maximum width of the staircase. Square stainless steel cap rail used in this project also allows us to use the most of the staircase width.

Glass railing projects are always unique and executed step by step as outlined below:

Actual cost of every railing project is calculated based on selected hardware and staircase layout.
Prices start from $250 per linear foot of railings.

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