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Custom Tabletop Glass Displays

Tabletop Custom Glass Displays and Cabinets are the best option if you would like to securely display products above the counter top line.


Custom Glass Displays can be designed and integrated into your store furniture on the planning stage. When your Glass Cabinets are designed, fabricated and installed along with your mill work, you can get the most out of it .

On the other hand you can always install tabletop display cabinet at any time. Depending on your needs we can design, fabricate and install glass cabinets for you in any size. You can have them with hinged or sliding glass doors with locks.

We can use regular clear glass as an economical solution or you can order your cabinets made from beautiful Starphire glass. Thickness of the glass is determined based on overall cabinet dimensions.


Usually Retail Glass Displays are manufactured from 8 or 10 mm thick glass. Glass Cabinets are available with or without glass shelves.

Due to the weight of the material, glass cabinets are heavy and they just securely rest on the top of the counter top.

For additional security, your custom glass showcases can be secured to the counter top with high bond clear adhesive tape or even additional fasteners.

Thanks to our creative vision and glass processing expertise, we can design, fabricate and install Tabletop Glass Displays for any product.

There are virtually unlimited customization options when it comes to production of custom tabletop glass displays. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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