All Glass Railings

All Glass Railings

Glass is an amazing and very strong material that used in residential and commercial railing projects. By using glass for railings we can open up the space around your staircase and landings. We have used square adjustable stand offs and installed them on the side of the staircase stringers. Hand rail will be installed on the wall side, minimizing hardware elements installed on the glass. Rectangular glass panels between staircase runs attached by using elegant 90 degree connection brackets.

Any glass railing projects starts with planning and marking positions for all hardware elements on the walls, landings and staircase stringers. After hardware is installed, we create exact templates for shaped glass pieces from plywood. At this stage customer can see exact shape and position of all hardware elements and we still can introduce some changes to the railing system if necessary. Next step is glass cutting, polishing, drilling, notching and tempering. And final step is actual glass installation.

All Glass Railings are custom made and available with following options

Actual cost of every railing project is calculated based on selected hardware and staircase layout.
Prices start from $250 per linear foot of glass.

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