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Traditional Glass Railings

Traditional Glass Railings with black metal posts.

There are a lot of customers with conservative taste and looking for traditional glass railing systems with posts and handrail installed on the railing side. These traditional railing systems have more hardware components and give their owners a feeling of better security.

On below pictures you can see one of the projects with traditional glass railing setup. We have used black powder coated metal posts with black clips to hold glass panels. Handrail brackets with attached wooden handrail are secured to the posts.

There are variety of post, brackets and handrail brackets available for your project. With available hardware options we create railing systems that not only will meet building code requirements but will perfectly fit your house style and your personal taste.

Glass Railing systems available with many of below options

Actual cost of every railing project is calculated based on selected hardware and staircase layout.
Prices start from $250 per linear foot of railings.

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