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Magic Sliding Mirror Door

Floating Mirror Door

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Sliding Mirror Door with Hidden Hardware

Hardware for this type of sliding doors has different names. Some call it Magic, some call it Ghost. Made in Italy, this hardware allows us to fabricate and install beautiful sliding doors. 

This amazing sliding mirror door slides side to side effortlessly to open an entrance into the customer’s walk in closet.

When this door is closed it looks like a huge free standing wall mirror with a minimalistic powder coated metal frame. 

But when you move this door to the side, the full opening of the walk in entrance is clear.

This hardware set is designed for different type of doors. It can be used to install custom wood doors, glass doors, and of course as you see above mirror doors are the combination of wooden door with a mirror applied on the face of the door. If you have any questions about this amazing product, don’t hesitate to contact Conform Glass for consultation.

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