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Glass Displays, Cabinets and Showcases

Glass Cabinet with Glass Shelves

Showcases and Cabinets for Cannabis Store

Frameless Glass Display Cabinets. We have built hundreds of various glass boxes and cabinets and customers are extremely happy with the outcome. Not only we love to keep our customers happy, we also enjoy designing and fabricating something new every time.

The project showcased on this page consisted of multiple identical display cabinets for a cannabis store. Each cabinet was 4 feet long. We have installed two glass shelves and lockable sliding doors.

We have used 3/8 thick tempered safety glass for the cabinet walls  and shelves. Customer opted for regular clear glass with a green shade.

Our was extremely happy with the service we have provided when we completed initial order. A year after he needed some more shelf space for a new merchandise.

We would be surprised if he didn’t call us back. Now he has two more glass displays with four glass shelves in each cabinet.

We design and fabricate glass displays, cabinets and showcases. Each or our projects is custom and unique. We have variety of glass options and hardware available and our team is ready to bring your project into reality. Don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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