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Custom Glass Cabinets, All Glass Showcases and Displays


Custom All Glass Cabinets and Showcases designed and fabricated by Conform Glass are often used in retail stores to securely and safely display expensive merchandise. Private collectors are often order custom glass showcases as it is not always possible to find some stock displays that fit.


Glass Displays are available in wide variety of configurations. Wall mounted displays are available in different custom sizes with all walls, shelves and doors made from glass. Mirror is usually used for back wall.

Tabletop glass displays are custom made in different sizes, with or without shelves. With integrated lighting or without. Locks and hinges for glass cabinets are available in different finishes. To display high end products, displays are usually built from Starphire glass.

Jewellery Glass Showcases are usually built as table top glass boxes from extra clean Starphire Glass with sliding glass doors. Depending on the height of display, light fixtures can be installed inside of the cabinet.  

Thanks to our expertise in Glass UV Bonding – we are able to fabricate stunning glass displays, showcases and cabinets according to your specifications. Fabrication of glass cabinets may take from few weeks to few month depending on quantity, complexity and selected hardware.

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