Accent Mirrors - Custom Mirror Design and Fabrication

Square Accent Mirrors

Series of Accent Mirrors in square shape, designed and manufactured by Conform Glass. This beautiful mirror sets are created by combining 2 layers of mirrors in different colors. Base layer is larger square is functioning as a frame, and smaller square mirror in different color is positioned in the center of larger square. Combination of mirror surfaces in different colors create unique two tone reflection of your space.

These square mirrors are also available with a frame made from back painted glass in virtually any color.  This allows us to build custom mirrors that will suite your design color scheme.

Mirrors you see on this page are sold complete with all hardware components necessary for installation.

Square Mirror Clear and Grey

Accent Square Mirrors - Clear on Grey

Clear mirror super-faced above grey mirror frame. Elegant and modern version of our accent mirror series.

Grey on Clear Accent Mirrors

Accent Mirrors Grey on Clear

Opposite version of clear and grey combination where Grey Mirror is super-faced above clear mirror frame.

Set of Mirrors, Clear on Bronze

Clear on Bronze, Square Mirrors

Never outdated timeless elegance of bronze accent. Clear mirror is super-faced above bronze mirror frame.

Bronze on Clear Accent Mirrors

Bronze on Clear Mirrors

Classy and timeless bronze mirror is super-faced above clear mirror frame in this version of our square accent mirror.

Accent Mirrors Clear Mirror on Red Gloss

Clear on Red Square Accent Mirrors

Create a real accent with our back painted glass. Clear mirror is super-faced above red back painted glass. This combination creates a truly unique combination of glossy surfaces.

Custom Made by Conform Glass. Sizes start from 18" x 18" (45 cm x 45 cm)

Designed and manufactured in Canada.
Custom, Made to Order. Prices starts from $399 for 1 piece of 18×18 inches.
Limited time offer:  order a set of three accent mirrors (18″x18″ any combinations of Clear, Grey or Bronze Mirror) for $699 and we will deliver and install them in Toronto at no additional cost to you.

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