Custom Mirrors Toronto

Our ability and focus on custom glass and mirror processing allows us to bring stunning masterpieces to exact customer request or design specifications. Our fabrication abilities open the world of unlimited design option to create custom mirrors.

Clear on Bronze Geometric Mirror

Geometric Accent Mirrors

Modern, Elegant and Unique. Collection of layered irregular shaped mirrors. Custom made using combination of clear, grey or bronze mirrors. More Geometric Mirrors are being designed as you read this article.

Custom Vanity Mirror with Grey Mirror Frame

Vanity Mirrors

We design and fabricate Vanity Mirrors to complete your bathroom renovation project. Mirrors are produced to exact size and style to fit your space and complement your decor.

Accent Mirrors Clear Mirror on Red Painted Glass

Square Accent Mirrors

Modern, Elegant and Unique. Collection of layered square mirrors. We use 2 layers of mirror in different color for every piece, larger base layer (works as a frame) and smaller center mirror piece. Custom made with any combination of clear, grey or bronze mirror. Back painted glass in virtually any color is available for frame layer.


Patterned Mirrors

With our mirror processing capabilities we create stunning custom patterns to complement interior design and architectural requirements. We create mirrors with variety of color and sandblast patterns to suite your design.


Custom Sandblasted Mirrors

We produce custom sandblasted patterns that can be etched on the back or front of the mirror surface to create stunning visual effects.

Four Panel Angled Mirror

Dimensions Mirrors

Dimensions Mirror consist of multiple mirror panels and each panel is positioned on different angle. This mirror create different visual effect from any viewing angle. You can see this mirror on display at Interior Blue Store.


V-Groove Custom Mirrors

Simple and elegant. V-groove is a process of cutting into the glass or mirror surface that allows to create very elegant, subtle decorations for mirror and glass panels.

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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