mirror cabinet doors toronto

Mirror Cabinet Doors Toronto

Glass doors for cabinets and displays are widely used in retail industry. These sliding doors installed at the open side of the cabinet. They take virtually no space compare to MDF or particle board doors.  These doors allow very easy access to the cabinets even in a very tiny spaces behind the retail counter. You just slide them over to the other side and gain access to the half of the cabinet. Aluminum tracks for sliding glass doors are very small and will not block the view. If you are displaying your products inside of the cabinet – glass sliding doors are the way to go. They are available with security lock with key access.

If you would like to update your cabinet – you may choose to go with mirror option. Mirror will block the view inside the cabinet, but will become a focal point. These glass or mirror sliding doors can be easily installed inside existing cabinets.

On below pictures you can see how built in wall cabinet looked before and after we have installed grey mirror sliding doors.

mirror door cabinet
Mirror Doors for Built in Cabinet
built in cabinet before
Built In Wall Cabinet before New Doors were installed

We have variety of different solutions for mirror and glass doors. Glass or Mirror doors can be installed into existing or new cabinet in variety of ways using sliding tracks or specialty hinges for overlay or inset doors. Feel free to contact us if you have in mind some cabinets where you would like to install glass or mirror doors.

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