All Glass Desk

All Glass Office Desk Toronto

Glass Office Desk from Conform Glass is one of our signature products. As a custom glass furniture fabricator located in Toronto, we are glad to present this unique all glass desk to the public. 

Desk is made from 12mm tempered safety glass. Standard desk top has rectangular shape and straight 90 degree corners.

Both desk top supports are fabricated using glass UV-bonding method. Panes of glass are attached together with very strong adhesive that cures under UV light. Desk top is attached to one of the supports by stainless steel stand offs and resting on top of second L-shape support.

This product is custom made, so you can add your personal touch when you order it. It is available with straight or rounded corners for glass shelves and table top. There are number of different glass options available. You can specify exact width and height of the table as sell as number of additional shelves.

glass office desk
Glass Office Desk Model
all glass custom desk
Custom All Glass Desk
all glass office desk
Office Glass Desk
Glass Desk
All Glass Desk

Followint options are available for desk fabrication

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