Vertical Mirror Strips Toronto

Vertical Mirror Strips Design

Vertical Mirror Strips is one of the ways how you can use mirrors in home decoration. There are unlimited possibilities how you can combine long mirror pieces to incorporate them into your space. We can install identical mirror lines with identical spacing. Mirror strips of different width can also be combined on the same wall to create amazing visual effects. To enhance mirror effect, you can combine them with 3D paneling and lighting. Please browse below pictures that inspire us to see possible combinations.

entrance mirror
3 Long Vertical Mirrors
vertical mirror strips
Wide and Narrow Mirrors Combined on The Same Wall
mirror strips combined with 3d panels and light
Tall Mirrrors Combined with Lighting and 3D Panels
mirror strips
Vertical Mirror Lines Combined with Leather 3D Panels
long mirror lines
Floor to Ceiling Mirror Strips
mirror strip column
Column with Vertical Mirror Lines
mirror strips with wood boxes and shelve
Millwork with Narrow Vertical Mirrors
tall vertical mirror lines
Tall Vertical Mirrors

If you like what you see on this page and would like to use this concept in your house or office – don’t hesitate to contact us. We can cut and install vertical mirror strips for you.

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