Wall of Mirrors

Mirror Wall Cladding will open up your space

Mirror Wall will open up any space.

Mirror Wall Cladding is another way to enhance small space. It will bring more natural light into your room and will. Mirrors can be applied as a large pieces as well as smaller square or rectangular pieces to create certain pattern

We have installed multiple pieces of square mirrors on the wall of this den in downtown condo apartment. As you you can see on these before and after pictures – mirrors have completely transformed the wall.

Beautiful Bronze mirrors installed in one of the restaurants downtown Toronto. Sixteen rectangular pieces with minimalistic aluminum trim powder coated in gun powder color create an amazing feature wall. 

Colored Mirrors are very popular products for wall cladding. They will give you a unique shade of a reflection. Mirror wall cladding in bronze color visually expanded tiny space in this condo apartment.

Another floor to ceiling mirror visually double the space in this tiny powder room.

If you just need a simple mirror or you want to cover entire room or wall, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or just simply call us. We will find a solution to bring your concept into the reality.

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