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Custom Glass Desk and Side Table

Custom Made Glass Desk and Glass Side Table

Custom Glass Furniture fabrication is our specialty. We design and fabricate glass desks, console desks and custom glass cabinets. This project also included corner glass shelves that were attached without any brackets into the mirror corners.

With the floor to ceiling windows in this condo apartment, our customers didn’t want anything that will obstruct the view. But they needed a desk for a den. As you see, solution is very elegant. 3/4″ thick extra clear glass tabletop with rounded

corners is resting above two L-shape UV bonded support legs. This setup allowed us to create two work spaces on each side of the desk. In addition there is a clear view of the lake through the custom glass desk.

Additionally to complement a beautiful desk, we have fabricated smaller side glass table in the same style. With the same 3/4″ thick extra clear glass and rounded corners on the support leg and the top. All parts of this side table are bonded together with invisible clear adhesive.

We design and fabricate custom glass furniture to bring your ideas into reality. There is always a solution to fit your budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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