Light Bronze Glass Tabletop

Custom Glass Tabletops Toronto

When you can not find a glass desk or table in the store, Conform Glass will be your best choice to order custom glass tabletops. We can fabricate and install a table top for you in virtually any size, shape or thickness of the glass.

Here is a huge glass table top in a light bronze color. This piece is 10 feet long and over 4 feet wide. We have laminated a 6mm bronze glass with 12mm extra clear low iron glass to create a very strong glass slab.

Fabrication of this custom glass tabletop is not a problem with all the necessary equipment to handle heavy oversized glass in the shop. Most challenging part of this project was handling the glass piece with the weight of 400 pounds.

A challenge of the project from the left picture was a request from the designer to match a color of the table top to the color of the light fixture glass above. We have to admit, that laminating a bronze glass with extra cleat low iron glass made it possible.

We have an expertise in fabricating custom glass tabletops in virtually any color, size or shape. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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