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Custom Glass Furniture and Mirrors Toronto

Welcome to Conform Glass. Your source for custom made glass furniture and mirrors. We are truly unique glass fabrication company and ready to take on your custom glass and mirror projects. We design and fabricate all glass furniture  and custom mirrors to suite your needs. When you are looking for custom glass coffee table, console tables, side tables or office desks Рgive us a call or send a quick email. Custom glass cabinets and displays Рwe are just an email o phone call away.

Custom Glass Furniture is Our Specialty

Conform Glass is one of a kind glass fabricator, because we focus on custom fabrication of unique glass furniture pieces. We design and fabricate custom all glass furniture. Coffee tables, office desks, glass cabinets and displays. Console tables, retail glass shelves and display cabinets – not a problem.

Our Process

We use unique process to attach pieces of glass together called UV bonding. There are special adhesives applied between pains of glass and they cure under UV light. Bond between two pieces of glass is very strong and can withstand a lot of static and dynamic load. For every project select proper adhesive type depending on product requirements.


Conform Glass is one of very few Canadian companies who certified by Bohle for UV bonding production. Our staff went through certification process at Bohle’s US division in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bohle is German company providing highest quality tools and components for glass and mirror industry

Custom Glass Furniture

Our Difference

As a unique custom glass company we are ready to take projects that other companies would not be interested in. Larger size companies are more interested in volume production of multiple identical glass and mirror pieces. There are a lot of glass companies that specializing on production and installation of glass railings and shower enclosures. These companies do not have expertise in custom furniture production and glass bonding. Conform Glass on the other hand is setup for custom production and fabrication, because we have expertise, training. So, we geared to custom glass fabrication and we are ready to bring your glass furniture live.

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