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Wall Mounted Glass Cabinets Toronto

Wall Mounted Glass Cabinets – one of Conform Glass signature products. We have designed, engineered and fabricated this cabinet for Elysium Beauty Clinic. When you are looking for place to display your products, your first option is freestanding floor display. In our case, owners of this cosmetic clinic decided to replace old floor displays because they took too much floor space. Another reason behind ordering wall mounted glass cabinet was to complement stylish design of their new place. 

When cabinet was installed on the wall – it organically blended into the surrounding space. Mirror back creates additional reflections of the products and floor under the cabinet can be easily cleaned. Total projection from the wall is about 8 inches. Two glass doors  with handles and lock are installed with adjustable Blum Glass-To-Glass Hinges that are UV bonded to the gable and the door side.

Contact us for any questions related to wall mounted glass cabinets and displays. We custom design, engineer and fabricate glass cabinets and displays according to specific customer’s requirements.

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