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Wall Glass Displays Toronto

Wall Glass Displays fabricated by Conform Glass in Toronto are modern, unique and elegant display systems with multiple glass shelves. In this shelving unit we combined CNC Machined particle board backing with extruded aluminum frame and elegance of glass and mirror.

This product is custom fabricated and installed according to customer specifications. You can order this unit to fit your space exactly. Width and height of the cabinet, number of shelves and depth of the display unit. Glass doors with metal handles and lock are hinged using adjustable Blum Glass-To-Glass hinges. These hinges are UV bonded to the glass with special UV curing adhesive. You can specify the thickness of the glass for display walls and shelves. To accent your Wall Glass Display you can order it with regular or extra clear glass as well as you can order grey or bronze tinted glass for the shelves.

On top of all this beauty, shelves can be lit from the back with LED strips.

As you all know glass is heavy material, and when glass walls, shelves and doors are installed on particle board base whole weight becomes heavy. We recommend to order this product along with professional installation by Conform Glass as glass handling requires specific skills. Wall may require additional reinforcement to hold the weight of the display cabinet.

We design, fabricate and install glass displays and cabinets according to customer specifications. If you need help designing your glass display or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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