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Custom Glass Jewellery Displays Toronto

Custom Glass Jewellery Displays designed and fabricated by Conform Glass available in virtually any dimensions to suite your retail settings. 

Glass panels are precisely cut and polished to perfection and then bonded together with invisible UV Curing adhesive.  All glass panels are tempered for safety. Seams between glass panels are invisible and will stay this way for years. We use special UV bonding adhesives for Glass To Glass and Glass To Metal bonds. Bonds between glass panels are extremely strong and it is impossible to take cabinet apart without braking the glass.

Glass displays are available with or without doors. Based on customer specific requirements we choose specific hinges or sliding door rails. Display cabinets are available with or without lock. 

All glass showcases are fabricated on request with clear or Starphire glass. Thickness of the glass is usually determined based on the size of the cabinet. Available configurations of display cabinets are truly unlimited.

On below images you can see one of our Custom Glass Jewellery Displays installed in retail Jewellery store. We have used 10 mm Starphire Glass with sliding glass doors. We have installed a lock to match the key that customer is using for all other cabinets and displays. Pole lights are also available for installation inside the Jewellery Showcases. 

We design, fabricate and install glass jewellery showcases and displays according to customer specifications. If you need help designing your glass display or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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